Or should I say, hello and thank you for reading. I don’t know much Italian – other than hello – so I’ll be devoting the rest of this blog to my journey into the wine world. I’m somewhat fascinated by wine. It can be white, it can be red, it can be somewhere in between. It can smell sweet, it can smell sour or it can have almost no smell at all. It can cost $3.99 on sale at the local supermarket, or it can cost as much as a house. What makes one wine different from another? The grapes, the history, the soil, the age? I plan to investigate.

Using a beginner’s approach, in this blog I’ll share information about wine.  That information will be about new wines, wines that I’ve tried, wines I’d like to try one day, wine humor, new technology in enology (the study of wine), decorating ideas for those empty wine bottles and corks laying around and more.

I’m not an expert in wines, nor do I claim to be. I’m taking a Wine Appreciation class this semester and will be tasting wines that I may never be able to afford again, and some that I can buy to eat with my popcorn while watching Grey’s Anatomy or The Notebook. I plan to enjoy myself, and I hope you as a reader will too.

So come back soon and continue the journey into the wine world with a fellow beginner, me!


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