The best way to learn about wine is to taste it.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to express my appreciation for wine. In my wine class, I and about 400 of my classmates will be tasting a selection of wine each week this semester. I think that’s a perfect way to try wine – just a little taste. And others seem to think so, too.

In her segment “Wine with Me,” Tracey Barnes from Fox News describes a store in New Jersey that is centered on the theme of tasting wines. In this article, she talks with Gary Fisch, owner of Gary’s Wine and Marketplace. She calls his store, or rather his small chain of three stores, a “Toys ‘R Us” for wine lovers and connoisseurs. And from just quickly checking out the website, I would have to agree. You can search through the wine offerings by country, vintage, year, style, rating and most importantly, price. For those of us not planning a trip to New Jersey anytime soon, Fisch offers wine club deals and free shipping on select products.

Part of the charm of wine is the work and preparation that goes into creating it. I have been to a few wineries and plan to visit more as time and budget allows. Wineries make quite a bit of money off of tourists delving into their wine-making secrets. They try to cultivate their own image that makes their business and wine stand out from others. They want their consumers to develop a personal connection so they can quickly snag a bottle of their season’s best from the shopping aisle while finishing up their grocery shopping.

I know all of this, but I still found it a little surprising that wineries cultivate relationships with reporters. Robert Scheer talks about wineries wanting him to visit and offers his advice and a New Year’s Resolution about wine in this new year: drink more good wines. He likes to travel and find “gems” as he calls them, searching out wineries that may have contacted him or that he’s heard of through wine-loving friends. He enjoys wine, and has learned what he likes, what he dislikes and wines that he can appreciate.

That’s my goal – taste wines and learn to appreciate the plethora of varieties available. It’s not enough just to read about wines, you’ve got to taste them.


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