Drinking wine at a wine bar

A lot of wine drinkers prefer to drink their favorites in the company of friends or loved ones, in the comfort of their own homes or with a nice dinner at a restaurant. Some people like to visit vineyards or wineries and enjoy their wine close to its source. But a seemingly popular trend has grown in the last ten to fifteen years – drinking wine at a wine bar.

Just what is a wine bar anyway? US Menu Guide’s website shares the New York Wine Guide’s classification system and definitions to clarify:

wine bar definitionSource: http://www.usmenuguide.com/winebardefinition.html

But that’s just one state, and one organization’s idea of a wine bar. MSN had an interesting article on their homepage this weekend from Food and Wine about the latest and greatest wine bars across the United States. From California to North Carolina, Arizona to Oregon, Colorado to Texas and Michigan to Georgia, wine bars are scattered across nearly every state in the nation. The closest “best new place to drink wine” to West Lafayette, Indiana on MSN’s list is RM Champagne Salon in Chicago and it promises selections for $30 and under.

If you’d rather stay in town, check out Uncorked, an expansion of Main Street Wine and Cheese, located at 1005 Main Street in Lafayette. According to their website, they offer a selection of 6-10 wines each night they are open, and customers can taste up to three wines for free. What a deal!


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