Essential tools for a wine drinker

Groupon is offering a deal this week on a ThinkTank Technology wine tool kit. The bottle-shaped kit includes 5 tools: a foil cutter, a waiter’s corkscrew, a drip stop ring, a wine pourer and a wine stopper.

A basic wine tool kit. Source: Groupon

But what are these “wine tools,” and why does a wine drinker need them to appreciate their favorite vintage?

  1. According to this wine-loving blogger, a foil cutter is a tool that efficiently cuts the foil wrapper off the top of the wine bottle. Instead of wrestling this off by hand, which doesn’t always work so well, use the tool. 
  2. A waiter’s corkscrew is just what it sounds like, a tool that functions to pop out the cork in a wine bottle. It usually hinges on the neck of a bottle with a spiral that screws into the middle of the cork. A foil cutter or blade is optional on these tools. This tool is commonly used by waiters at a number of restaurants around the world.
  3. For those concerned with every last drop of wine, consider using a drip stop ring on each bottle. These usually fit around the neck of the bottle and can protect surfaces such as wooden bars and tables from wine stains.
  4. Wine pourers are self-explanatory, but can help even the clumsiest of wine afficionados look professional when serving. This tool fits inside the wine bottle similar to a cork but has a funnel-shape extension that allows wine to smoothly flow from bottle to glass.
  5. When a bottle of wine is opened, oxidation starts. Wine stoppers can help slow this process if the wine is to be enjoyed over a period of hours or a few days. In this article, Karen Frazier details the importance of a good wine stopper to protect the liquid left in the bottle (if there is any remaining). From the basic to quirky to personalized, wine stoppers come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

From beginners to old pros, these 5 wine tools will come in handy the next time someone pops a top.


2 thoughts on “Essential tools for a wine drinker

  1. That looks like a pretty good deal, although I’d say no one really needs the ring if they use the pouring thing that is included in the package. Because it seriously ensures that there are no drops running down the bottle. The foil cutter is really good because it either saves you from ruining the tip of your corkscrew or knives (even worse)…12 bucks is a decent deal for foilcutter, corkscrew and pouring aid. I don’t think one needs a bottle closer, I just pop the cork back in.

  2. Hi, winegetter: I would agree that you probably wouldn’t be using all five tools together, but I thought for what was included it was a good deal. I like the idea of a wine stopper/bottle closer because I’ve been seeing a lot of things on Pinterest to make with corks, but it would be simple to just pop the cork back in. I’ve never used a bottle pourer, so I think it will come in handy. I’ve purchased the deal, so I’ll post more as I use the tools. Thanks for reading!

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