Wine as a business, and an upcoming global business talk

The economy has been tumultuous at best in the past few years, but according to Purdue University food science professor Christian Butzke, the wine business is growing. It’s becoming more diversified, and more global. Technological advancements such as more efficient grape destemmers and crushers have convinced many large vineyards to move towards more mechanization in winemaking. But wine consumers around the world still like to have personal knowledge or referral to a particular wine. Butzke says grape growers not only have to be knowledgeable about wine making, they have to practice good public relations. “They have to tell their story,” he says.

Business, public relations and the wine industry are all becoming more accessible to the entire globe as social media and web presence grows. Those involved in the wine industry need to be prepared and become leaders in global business.

Tomorrow evening (Feb. 7), Purdue University’s Keith Krach Leadership Lecture series is hosting Beth A. Brooke for a talk on business around the globe. The lecture is titled, “A Global Perspective on Leadership: Conversation with Beth Brooke.”


A Purdue alumna, Brooke is the Global Vice Chair of Public Policy at Ernst & Young and has vast experience in global affairs. I will be trying my hand at live tweeting during the event, and I hope you’ll follow me @AmandaGee13. I’m new to Twitter and the wine world, but I’m sure we can all learn something from the event.


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