Fun facts about wine

Some people have a vast knowledge of wine, others just enjoy the taste.

Care for Some Wine?

Wine bottles are displayed at a store in Napa Valley, Calif. Photo courtesy of Flopper on Flickr.

Here are 10 fun facts most people don’t consider when popping the cork on their favorite bottle of wine:

    1. One bottle of wine contains 2.4 pounds of grapes and 750 ml of liquid, which makes about four glasses of wine.
    2. A crop of newly-planted grape vines takes four to five years to grow before it can be harvested.
    3. Wines change color as they age. Specifically, as white wines age, they gain richness in color; as red wines age, they lose vibrancy and color.
    4. Approximately 330 million cases (12 bottles per case) of wine are consumed by U.S. citizens annually.
    5. According to, the top three imported wines sold in the U.S. are Yellowtail (Australia), Cavit (Italy), and Concha y Toro (Chile).
    6. More than 90 percent of all wines should be consumed within one year. Three notable wines that get better with age are: Châteaux of Bordeaux, (California) Cabernet Sauvignon and vintage port.
    7. Red wine represents 55 percent of restaurant wine sales.
    8. Oenophilia is a term for love of wine. Oenophobia is an intense fear, anxiety or hatred of wine.
    9. Wine contains more chemical compounds than blood.
    10. The day Americans drink the most wine: Thanksgiving.

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