Choosing the right wine glass

Wine experts from around the world say that a wine glass has an impact on a wine’s presentation and taste. Wine Spectator, a world-renowned source for wine information, says, “Glassware is extremely important to wine appreciation—it influences how you perceive the color, aromas and taste—so the quality is absolutely key.”

The structure of a wine glass is different from most other alcoholic glasses – it has a stem supporting a bowl. The stem is meant to help reduce the impact of body temperature on a wine’s temperature. Handling a glass by the stem allows a few degrees of separation between the hand and the thin piece of glass (bowl) holding the wine. A red wine needs a deeper or wider bowl to allow more oxidation and room for the flavors to blend and develop as it sits in a glass. A white wine on the other hand, might do better in a smaller bowled-glass and a smaller opening because whites usually do not need any further oxidation.

To help people choose the right glass for their wines, Erin Sullivan from the Wine Sisterhood sat down and talked to Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson about the effects of wine glasses on wine flavor, Courtney Cania designed a infographic for the readers of her blog.


Designed by Courtney Cania/Blog Petite



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