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If you’ve been following my recent posts, you know that this is the last official week for my COM497 new media class. And this post is my last that will be graded, but I plan to try and update the blog at least a few times a month this summer.

If you want to learn even more about wine, I would encourage you to check out other wine blogs. There’s tons on the internet, as you can see by a simple Google search. The wine industry is growing, and so is the number of people interested and writing about it. Recently, a Wall Street Journal writer selected five blogs that she “clicked with” and enjoyed even though she prefers to drink wine rather than read about it. Food and Wine made a list of seven best wine blogs. I enjoyed looking through all of those, but while I was writing this blog I’ve found a few more to add to the list:

  • Grapefriend – This blog was interesting to me because there’s often posts about celebrities and wines. But there’s also thoughts and opinions on wines and the occasional tidbit of humor. 
  • The Winegetter – I liked this blog because in addition to reviewing wines, the writer also shares personal experiences, opinions and pictures. Also, there’s a Sunday staple where the writer will present an interesting article or website for readers to look over.
  • From Wino to Wine Know – An added bonus on this blog for me was that the writer often posts recipes that either have wine as an ingredient or would pair well with a particular wine. This blog also shares obligatory reviews of individual wines, but there’s often posts about interesting information in the wine world.

I found this picture on a old blog about public relations in the wine industry, which is kind of ironic since this summer I’ll be interning with Indiana Wines and working in PR. I’ve learned quite about about different types of grapes, glasses, wines, wine and food pairings and more while writing this blog. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy some wine today – cheers!


5 thoughts on “More wine blogs

  1. Hey, first all: I bet you’re glad the class is done and you can focus on writing without the back thought of a grade. I really hope you will keep posting, I have been enjoying your posts. It would be a shame if you gave up because the class is over (I have seen that happen before and just don’t want you to do the same thing!).

    Also, congrats on the internship. That should be fun and a great experience! Send some Indiana wine samples my way if you can. 😉 I have yet to try an Indiana wine…

    And then, naturally, thank you so much for the pointer! Very much appreciated. Happy summer break!!

  2. Glad you enjoy W2WK and thank you for the link!! Let me know if you’re looking for a wine to go with a particular dish (or vice versa… if you want to drink a particular wine, but aren’t sure what to eat with it)… I’ll be happy to post about it!

    Also, I should clarify that the Pillsbury Wine Company is not related to Pillsbury “Doughboy” company… The Winery is owned by a former New Zealand film maker who is producing wine in Arizona and whose last name happens to be the same as the doughboy’s first name!

    I’m enjoying having your blog in my WP “Reader”!

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