My advice: Visit a winery

I’ve learned quite a bit this semester about wine, both from my wine appreciation class and in writing this blog. Something I’ve learned is to enjoy wine you need to have an open mind and taste all kinds. And what better way to taste wine than to try it where it’s actually made? I’ve had the opportunity to visit a few of Indiana’s wineries, and I’ve found them all to welcome visitors.

Most wineries, not just those in Indiana, offer a few complimentary tastings so you can get an idea of what a wine might taste like. In addition to tasting the wine, you sometimes get the chance to talk to the winery owner or even the winemaker. I had one such opportunity not so long ago with Rick Black of Wildcat Creek Winery in Lafayette, Ind. Check out my COM 497 final project soundslides presentation at Note: There are captions for each picture/slide, but you have to click “captions” underneath to view them.

Black spent years in the business world before he decided to try his hand at winemaking. It just goes to show that it’s never too late to try something new. Along with his wife, Kathy, Black offers tours of the winery, including the production and bottling areas on the weekend, in addition to a few complimentary tastings.

If you’ve ever wondered about the winemaking process, I definitely recommend going on this or a similar tour. A tour gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how a bundle of grapes changes into the delicious liquid in your wine glass.

This week is the last official week for my COM497 new media class, which means I’ll be winding down on my wine blog posts. But I may pop up and post some things this summer, so stay tuned for those. Cheers!