Wine places to visit

I’ve only been to a handful of wineries so far, but all have been unique. Some are in old farmhouses, some are surrounded by flowers and herbs and one wine shop was on a fairly calm main street. I’ve only been to two wineries with vineyards, but I think it would be great to travel and see more of both wineries and vineyards.

Recently in my wine appreciation class, we’ve been seeing pictures of vineyards in foreign or exotic places like Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Italy. This article shows off 35 vineyards around the world, from Australia to Germany and then places closer to home like Virginia and California. My favorite from this list is the Hunawihr Vineyards in Alsace, France. The grapes surround a 14th century church and the scenery looks like something on a postcard.

The Wine Enthusiast Magazine recently had an article about winery wonders of the world and featured 10 more modern-looking wineries that could be interesting to visit as well. While not as scenic as the grape-growing places I mentioned above, these places are more architectural gems where grapes can be turned into world-class wines. The Lopez de Heredia Winery in Spain topped my list of favorites because it looks as though it combines the old and new worlds to create a great place to try wine.

I don’t think that I will get to either of these places soon, but they’re definitely going on my places to travel list. What are some of your favorite wineries to visit?